Sunday, August 31, 2014

BTS with Invisible Hero at the Mushroom Kingdom studio

Behind the Scenes at the Invisible Hero Mushroom Kingdom Studio, working on finishing touches of the fall collection "Feathered Serpent"

Mushroom Kingdom Summer Shoot-out Photoshoot

Once a summer we go wild out on the ranch, dress ourselves in the finest new designs and take a walk outside. This year we had the pleasure of working with some amazing models Hei Di Helena, China Rose, Malia Cedar, and Sara Keck. Photographers include Robin Blaney and Michael Hanson working the lenses and beauty lights. Make up credit: Robin Blaney

Invisible Hero is now creating one of a kind dance wear, including yoga/dance pants, Dance hoodies, mini skirts, maxi skirts, and festive stretch tanks. For fall we will be adding a altered universe section to our etsy shop which will include upcycled furnitures, unique kitchenwares, masterfully altered vintage clothing, and one of a kind vintage clothing finds.

Without further adue....The Summer Shootout

Model:Malia Cedar in Cotton Candy striper shrug by Invisible Hero and Classic cut Mountain Mist Slip Dress

Model: Malia Cedar in Invisible Heros Ice Queen mini dress, hand beaded bodice made from repurposed 80's vintage cashmere oversized pullover.

Hedi modeling our new yoga/dance pants in the Heirloom china print. Paired with the lovely sheer and satin full length vintage repurposed dinner jacket.

Malia Cedar in our gypsy rose dinner dress

Hedi in the golden dragon peplum with mermaid skirt.

Thats all for the sneak peak at Invisible Heros fall collection entitled "Feathered Serpent"

Monday, March 3, 2014

Invisible Hero now casting for Upcoming TV show

Invisible Hero is now casting female and male models,dancers, M.U.A and Hair Staff for upcoming TV show Shoot.

Filming in San Francisco, California

Date: April 19th Earth Day Celebration

Locations: SF bay area Civic Center Plaza

Currently Seeking:

3 Female Dancers/Models
Role will be to dance on stage to some of the music played during the show. Hand out the giant check at the end of the show, smile , Vanna White it up!

2 Male Dancer/Models
Role will be to dance on stage to some the music played during the show.
All dancers/models will be provided with video footage of the show to use for promotional purposes. Digital media and promotional materials. TFP situation.

2 M.U.A
Make up for 5 Dancers/Models and Host
Compensation( Kit Fee provided ) Determined by experience and skill level.

2 Hair
Hair stylists needed for 5 models and Host ( Kit Fee Provided ) Determined by experience and skill level.

For information on the show check out the FB page here:

This show is being filmed and presented as a pilot episode to networks, this is a great opportunity to get seen by many talent personele and agencies looking to cast and hire.

If you are interested in being a part of this project please contact
Charlie B.
Invisible Hero Industries

Invisible Hero gets hired for wardrobe of new music TV show!!

With all the seasonal changes Invisible Hero is basking in new opportunities falling out of the sky like the rain.

This month we are looking forward to and almost jumping out of our seat about working with the cast and crew of the new musical TV show in the works called "So you think you can DJ". Invisible Hero has been chosen to work wardrobe and styling on set for filming and on tour filming for the show.

There will be much styling and feverish sewing in my future!! Perfect!

Check out these promo links for the game show and let us know what you think!

"Think You Can DJ, First Nightclub DJ Game Show" Highlights Reel from Ramsey Anderson on Vimeo.

Fun and Fresh faces, fabrics and photoshoots! Courtney Marriott models for Invisible Heros holiday collection

The holidays came and went at Invisible Hero headquarters, orders were shipped sketches were made and the sewing machine whurrred through the cold days. We had sno-fall and drinks by the fire and records spinning into the night. What a holiday season its been.

This month we had the pleasure of working with Courtney Marriott for the holiday shoot. I found Courtney not far from her childhood home in Pollick Pines California. An aspiring model with stunning looks and a great way behind the camera. Ms. Marriott is exactly what I picture when I hear the phrase "beautiful country girls" and is sure to have much success with her modeling path.

So without further adue here are some images from our last shoot with Ms. Courtney Marriott and of course a sneak peak at the new Invisible Hero threads now available at our online shop.

Visit our online shop for more amazing pieces on sale now!!!!