Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shoes...Shoes.. Shoes... Invisible Hero now does shoes..

Well if you know me this post isn't going to come as a surprise. Invisible Hero is now creating one of a kind refashioned couture shoes. You prolly are scratching your head saying "isn't this long over due?" Even though my shoe fetish is no secret these shoes are the best kept new secret of Invisible Hero. Hailing under the name "Guilded Youth".. the first line will be available exclusively at Loft 1513 starting March 1st.

These are cork shoes...yes like the wine bottles we love to crack. With dyed feather and silk ribbon accents. Silver buckle really brings it all together for a fast paced not to be missed shoe great for an evening on the town.

Blue Bottle Dreams #001 in the collection.
Contact for preorder information or head on down to Loft 1513 come first of March for your own up close and personal look at them.

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