Thursday, May 20, 2010

Invisible Hero is hiring interns for the summer season.

Invisible Hero is once again interested in taking on two to three new interns for the summer season.

Currently looking for individuals who are motivated and committed to the San Francisco fashion scene. Preferably with a formal fashion background.

Web and online promotion monitor
Pattern maker
Finishing sewing assistant
Stage manager
Event organizer
Modeling coordinator
and much much more
Boutique sales
Commission on sales is offered.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to network in the fashion scene here in San Francisco and get valuable experience in the fashion industry. Invisible Hero is currently involved in several projects promoting sustainability within the fashion community locally and internationally.

For more information on us:
or just google us!

If you are interested in this opportunity and serious about being a part of the team. Please send your qualifications and a short cover letter describing why you would make a great intern to:

All applicants will be reviewed and suitable fits will be called for an interview.

Thank you everyone in advance for your continued support.

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