Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As the Seasons Turn Equinox Thoughts and All Hallows Eve Costumes

What will thy become for all hallows eve?

     Turning of the seasons from light to dark! The equinox is appon us and the fall is here, time to delve into the dark hours of reflection but not before the yearly transformation of souls on Halloween! 

       What will you transform yourself into this Halloween? Something sexy? So basic. Something Scary? That's what everybody does. Have you thought about your couture Halloween looks? Avant Garde! Why not. You've done everything else right!  


Clearly this look is done flawlessly by designer Iris Van Herpen.  There are always alternatives and other ways to construct the "Skeleton" putting your own twist on it. Classic and done so well here. 

  The faceless man, or woman! Love this idea because it can go so many different directions. Different fabrics in different colors or maybe add multiple masks with different expressions? 

The strange girl...from 1999. I don't know why but if I could get away with this for a night I would be happy. I feel like you don't really have to even be anything with that much flounce. You ARE the party. 

Send in the clowns...nothing says creepy like a clown. Try a different color spin on the classic color block striping situation associated with clowns. This pink white and black number illustrates perfectly how color and pattern combos can be used to completely change an old tired look. 

These are some of my favorite ideas for costumes, cant wait to see what everyone cooks up on all hallows eve to figure out what event Ill be gracing with my stunning transformation. Have fun everyone.

-Charlie B.
Invisible Hero Clothing 

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