Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Imaginarium Studio

Wall of fabrics at the Imaginarium Studio Take your pick! 

     Invisible Hero has finally moved into an amazing new studio space! The Imaginarum Studio will be our new home, located in the historic creamery building of Manchester under the eucalyptus trees and surrounded by acres of beautiful natural coastal landscape.  We are so ecstatic to be here! I cannot wait to create new things and have been completely inspired by this space.

     If you didn't visit us on our opening day celebrations, July 16th we took a few pics to share.  It was a little bit of an overhaul to get things cleaned and painted and ready for work but now that everything is done it certainly feels like an amazing new beginning.

The Hanging Rack and Stairs 
     I did quite a bit of painting, which you can see in the pictures. Alot of green and white classic colors for a classic building. The old redwood beams and walls are really amazing in person and add a warmth to the space. I accented the green and white with black and white Merimekko curtains, and some colorful additions such as my comfy office hammock, for when work gets to tough!

     We removed an old addition wall in the loft to create a more open feel. Previously there was a sound room here that was pretty dark and scary.

Loft Office 

     My first creation in the new space is my Rock&Roll Baby wheat paste. (pictured below) I had never attempted wheat pasting before although Id always wanted to try. I sourced images online starting with Debra Paget featured front and center and assembled her with other images together using photo editing software. I then had them printed and enlarged locally on large sheets, which had to be pieced together like a puzzle and then cut out individually. I wheat pasted the puzzle to plywood instead of pasting directly onto the wall creating a three paneled wall display, for easy movement and storage if needed. Then had to call in some help for the final stage of jigsawing out the image on wood and mounting it to the wall. I've since added a thick layer of clear coating to this piece sealing in the paper and keeping her safe from wear and tear.
Rock&Roll Baby wheat paste piece 


Rock & Roll baby is 9ft tall and 6 ft wide and sits nicely on the back wall of the space.  This was actually my first vision for this wall when I looked at the space to begin with.  Having never wheat pasted before and not knowing how things would turn out I am really happy the end result looks so close to how I pictured it in my mind in the beginning. 

  As with all of my pieces Rock & Roll Baby is for sale in a variety of sizes. Inquires welcome. 

Back wall 

Everyone's favorite our fairy's and flowers dressing room
We had such a great opening day! So many friends and supporters being able to share with everyone what we have been working on really made all the hard work so much more special!

Round rack of goodies

Some pieces in various stages of finished, hanging out on our photoshoot stage. 

   Michael look some avante garde shots of my figure dolls and the green crystals hanging in the windows, which I of course love. 

     Your probably wondering at this point how you missed the opening and what exactly goes on in this space. 
     I am a clothing and environment designer first and a questioner of everything second. Meaning I pretty much will create just about anything if the mood arises.  I have used many different mediums for art in the past and find space recovery and rejuvenation of antique and aging buildings to be my most favorite past-times.  I also find peoples perceptions of themselves very interesting and enjoy trying concepts in clothing with people they may have otherwise overlooked to create body positivism and strength in appearance and attitude.  

   Invisible Hero Clothing practices conscience and sustainable design techniques when creating garments. In plain terms I try and source only donated or thrifted fabrics and implement cutting practices that lower waste fabric or scraps to almost nothing.  Scraps are made into rugs or filling for upholstery projects. I also use deconstruction and repurposing of garments to make new pieces.  

   The Imaginarium Studio is open by appointment and Wednesdays 11am-6pm for drop ins and offers the following:

  * Shopping: One of a kind gifts and accessories including jewelry,shoes,clothing, and art

   *Clothing Design and construction services :  Mens and Womens/ Bridal / Formal / Casual Wear / Active and Dancewear

   * Costuming: Men and Womens  need something made for Halloween, Burning man, your burlesque performance or just something off the wall? 

   * Interior Design Services : Custom Cushions, Pillows, Curtains,Bedding, Consultations and designs for complete remodels, and lifestyle design services. 

  * Graphic Design Services: Custom graphics, flyers, posters, art 

and much much more! 

For more information or to book your appointment today please contact: 

      Big Thank you to everyone who came out and made our opening so amazing! Love this community and cannot thank you all enough for your support! Without support artists cannot thrive! 

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