Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ladylike Behaviors: spontaneous photo-shoot with Irish babe Kim K.

Kim Kennedy feeling artistic at the Invisible Hero Studio for a spontaneous photo-shoot.

Ladylike Behavior: Spontanious photo-shoot with stunning Irish Babe Kim Kennedy


   This spring we are getting more and more visitors to our shop/studio/ homebase in Manchester, yes its even by the sea in northern California.  

The only thing more exciting than our shoppers, is the occasional muse passing by in her travels to shine some much needed inspirational light on us. 

        This month we were lucky enough to catch Ms. Kennedy from the greenest land of them all Ireland. Although she originally hails from the land of rainbows and leprechauns, if shes being honest Kim hasn't been home in a while.  

       Kim has traveled far and wide jet setting the globe with friends over the past year.  Exploring the wild northwest of California, art colonies in experimental living environments in Spain, Palm Tree Gazing in Los Angeles and soaking up the sun currently in Mexico City as the year has flown by.  

      When shes not traveling Kim is really into D.I.Y ethic and restoration projects. In fact she's just finished restoring a bike, which she can be found riding from time to time. 

      Afternoons might catch her editing photos from her analog camera, while writing her memoir. (Rumored to feature poetry stylings). We would guess this memoir will also be fully illustrated by the beautiful and talented Kennedy.  

     Shes into learning new things like how to fix a found typewriter to produce this next memoir zine project. Backpack in tow adventures are never far away from Ms. Kennedy, and we can;t wait to see what happens next! 

 Kim's latest zine library project is here: 


    No comfort zone is safe with this powerhouse in the building. Shedding her traveler veneer as her back-back falls to the ground. She applies fake lashes and wing tip liquid eyeliner like a pro, and quickly gives us nothing but SLAY in front of the camera! 

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