Monday, July 13, 2015

Ms. Wenchi can we have your autograph? Invisible Hero's Model of the Month for July Candace Wenchi

   We were going to feature a lovely lady from the streets of New York City this month, but our eyes were pulled away, out of our heads and onto a thrill ride through what can only be called a visual gothic fantasy fashion joy ride by Miss Wenchi. No one at the Invisible Hero Studio has stopped looking, visually stunning Candace Wenchi is a mesmerizing beauty flawless from every angle, capable of contorting and distorting our realities in front of a camera.

   Her versitility is simply mind bending, did I mention she is a contortionist as well? Literally this girls images will twist you all up inside like no other. Not only can she control a lense but she is commited to creating art across the board with photography,videography and Make up artistry.

   Published on numerous covers and using social media as a platform for feedback and suggestions on her next art adventures Miss Wenchi is totally interactive and involved on a grass roots level. Self promoted, and intelligent down to the last glitter speck Candace Wenchi is our Hero for July!

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